Thursday, April 06, 2006

flambadiddle roll

Listening to a lot of free jazz this week, especially stuff fet. Elvin Jones, Rashied Ali, and Ed Blackwell, as well as a lot of CAN and reading Mickey Harts book has made me realize that I need to get back into my drums for real- studying and practicing and learning and bliss-ing out trance like for hours. So this weekend I think I’ll dust off the ol practice pad, get some new heavy practice sticks and a rudiments book, and go at it. Paradiddle, single stroke roll, and flam myself into happiness. Also, the tabla is amazing- I bet I could even find a tabla class in hippy Burlington. Anyone interested?

Speaking of CAN, I finally listened to ‘Monster Movie’ Wow is that a lot different than the other three CAN albums I have! More psychedelic 60’s U.S sounding. Jaki is kinda toned down, doesn’t yet have that funky groove like on ‘tago mago’ and ‘ege bamyasi’ Track 3 ‘outside my door’ sounds a lot like real early Grateful Dead.




emmy lou said...

tabla is so awesome. Mandy and I don't need to take a class, though, because we already play the metal canister tabla--home items style. we even bop our heads like Ravi's tabla man.

greg davis said...

ill break out my 18" tunable framedrum. its dope.
ill play it like those egyptian dudes in that dead bootleg at the pyramids. maybe we should start a seamonsters trance drum circle much to the chagrin of gahlord. haha. ive also thought about starting a burlington drone society. where anyone can get together once a week and play for one hour. only droning on one or 2 notes the whole time.

tablas are awesome. zakir hussain is sick.
im sure there is some nerdo white boy tabla teacher burlington named 'sri devadip robert coleman' or something like that.

be sure you bring your pod on saturday.


Tmoore said...

i'm in on the drone society. i'll keep the minutes.

emmy lou said...

me too. BDS!!! It would be fun to meet in very public places and just drone on...

the le duo said...

I'm in...where can I get a sitar?

greg davis said...

i have one.
although its not the best drone instrument.
you should rock a tamboura!

we need like 12 tambouras.
maybe we should start a burlington drone society fundraiser to buy tambouras.

the le duo said...

you have a sitar? why are you so awesome?