Monday, April 10, 2006

10 Days That unexpectedly Changed nest Material

down down down down I've been feeling kinda run down lately- been all nervous about all kinds of things some I've discovered others hidden- summer approaching always gets me down on myself- scantly clad people every where just make me feel fatter and uglier and less appealing then ever- and the my finances have been all f'd up and my cars need of repairs and band stress- all weighing down on me as of late. needless to say last night and all-day-today I felt a nagging dread about the band..would we be able to keep going and playing and sounding presentable now that Tan has left. I was so worked up last night I don't think I got to bed at all and ended up not going to work today- but after practice I gotta say I feel a whole lot better. We just played with no stress and no expectations and no worries. hopefully that freedom continues at the uterus sat. evening. ramble ramble ramble.



Tmoore said...

well, for what it's worth, i love you JB. Always new bands, always new days, always new and unexpected things to happen. But if your misery would like some company, i'm right there with you.

the le duo said...

thanks Tan- I love you too. I didnt really mean for this post to be a JB pity there it is.

word, jB

Arlen said...

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