Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I saw a great film last night called ‘the Times of Harvey Milk’ about the activist and first openly gay California politician. Milk, who was a San Francisco Supervisor, was gunned down along with the mayor of S.F by a fellow Supervisor, Dan White. White only got five years in prison, basically getting away with murder- in part because of the ‘twinkie defense’ – but I figure it was mostly due to Caucasian-boy-next-door-former-firefighter-White vs. openly-flaming-queen-activist-Milk.

It is an amazingly funny, heart retching film and I recommend it to everyone.

Have a sunny week!

Love, JB


Tmoore said...

twinkies man... the devil's angel food snack cake.

the le duo said...

never had one...I'm afraid of what it might do