Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Apache AH-64

when I was a kid I was obsessed with helicopters. My friends and I would draw pictures of them and then argue about who's was faster.


Anonymous said...

Why did u change your profile?


the le duo said...




Tmoore said...

what are you guys talking about? mike... get a profile already.

JB, i pretended to be sick for two days so i could stay home and build/paint this cheepo milenium falcon model i got. this was... 5th grade. i was always kind of weirded out by helicopters... i just didn't get how they worked. i remember watching the mash open credits thinking "That can't be right."

Tmoore said...

jb, i won't be at teh potluck tonight, but i ben has a cd for you from me; so ask him about it.

have fun,