Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the Delta State

‘During activity the brain predominantly pulses in alpha and beta, or between twelve to thirty cycles per second. Theta is the zone of electrical activity the brain decelerates into right before sleep, or the delta state, when we pulse at between two to four cycles per second…Theta is that period of drifting right before sleep when all sorts of thoughts and memories wash through consciousness…’

This is from a book I am reading called 'Drumming on the Edge of Magic' by Mickey Hart. He is exploring the possibility that an altered trance-like state can be achieved by percussive sound, especially drumming.

'Drumming on the Edge' is a very interesting book; part biography, part history of the drum, part quasi-scientific study.


Anonymous said...

i believe him.

Tmoore said...

hmmm... trance-like repetative percussive drumming... if only they'd come up with a genre of music like this... oh wait... it's called Trance.

Unce, unce, unce, unce....

jb, tommorrow night at the narthex?

the le duo said...

yeah, its surprising there wasn't music like that before 1987 ;)

anyway...I'm gonna try like hell to make it tommorow.

Tan, just because you betrayed the band doesn't mean we cant hang out anymore! stop by once in a while.

Tmoore said...

your right, but now that means i have no obligation to hang out with you guys anymore ;D

hey way to get name checked by Casey Rea.

greg davis said...

there is a great compilation of trance musics from around the world. ive been listening to it quite a bit.

too bad bass drums dont go down to 2 - 4Hz.
the delta drum! you can only feel it!

there are frequencies for everything:

can i borrow that book when you are done with it?

the le duo said...


i'll try to remember to bring it sat. for super special potluck