Friday, April 14, 2006

Transcription of Conversation Last Night @ OP

JB: So, whats new with music?

Michelle: hmmmmmm

Ben: uhhhh

JB: So how about indie rock; whats up wit day, huh?

Michelle: I don’t really listen to it much.

Ben: The only good indie rock is ‘Built to Spill’

JB: I cant really get into it, not that I’ve tried, but it seems so popular right now!

Gahlord: Anyone under 19 cant make a decision for themselves. Indie rocks popularity is the direct result of ridalin and (unintelligible) latchkey kids……I have an open tab!!

Ben: ‘Built to Spill!’ ‘Built to Spill!’ 'Built to Spill!' (passionately tears off navy blue and red striped sweater)



Anonymous said...

jb, i'll make you a mix, well actually just a bunch of songs, with 'indie rock' that i think is pretty good.

the le duo said...

sounds good

Tmoore said...

ben, the new built to spill isn't that good. sadly enough... there earlier records were better *ironic cough*

i'll make you a mix too JB... i'll try to make it as JB compatable as possible too, only indie rock with drum solos... i remember that you liked some broken social scene...

Tmoore said...


did gahlord hand any of you an open padlock and a crooked smile last night... i think he was up to no good.

the le duo said...

There you go again Tanner, insinuating that I only like music with drum solos. I remember a time when we both used to rock out to Neil Peart while smoking pot in your bedroom. Or when we would listen to drum circles for hours at the MANY Phish shows we went to. drummy drum do, drummy drum drum

ps. what got stolen/broken into?