Tuesday, July 24, 2007

4 great shows

1. tuesday, 7/24 7pm- caspian, junius, carrigan, 28 degrees taurus, valkyrie- at 242 Main, 10 bucks. not metal or hardcore, which is the usual fare at 242, but more psychedelic, indie, experimental rock.

2. thursday, 7/26 8pm- farm, cccome?, drive the hour- at monkey house, probably 5 bucks. seven days says of farm, 'Farm are a unique band with one foot in roughshod rock ’n’ roll and the other in experimental folk-blues. The third foot, if they had one, would surely be in the grave.' i've been wanting to see them for awhile, its not often you hear a good band from the fc (franklin county)

3. saturday, 7/28- see oak first at the annual crombie street block party at 3pm and then at radio bean at 10- both free. the esteemed casey rae-hunter says 'burlington trio Oak are one of the most interesting and musically talented groups I’ve ever heard locally' -and he should know!

4. also saturday, 7/28 8pm- come celebrate the release of the cripples self titled debut with the cush & ryan power at higher ground- tickets are 6 bucks before saturday if you can get them from aaron jeb or andy & 8 bucks day of show. from what i've heard of the cd it is amazing- and you can always count on the cripples to put on a good show. the cush are at the top of their game & ryan is playing some weirdly unique music. its sure to be the show of the year.


ben said...

Thanks for putting up that poster for the Cripples show. I was only thinking about going but those graphics have all but made the decision for me.

jay said...

Ah, the power of vector silhouettes and Helvetica...I'm with you on that one Ben!

I have a music video shoot all day Saturday, but I'm going to try to wrap by 7 so I can make it to the show.

the le duo said...

I finally got my ticket last night, so psyched for this show!