Friday, July 27, 2007

introducing my new favorite band: drums: etc...

Farm put on an excellent show at the monkey last night. nimbly switching between instruments, the three members invoked everything from ballsy blues to late 60's psychedelic guitar rock. haven't been this unexpectedly impressed by a local band since the first time i saw the cripples. if you're a fan of anything from the band to wilco to the white stripes i recommend you check out any of farms several shows in the next few weeks.

for any of you into percussion/world music, the flynn center for the performing arts is hosting two interesting shows. the first, global drum project with mickey hart & zakir hussain takes over where the album planet drum leaves off. zakir hussain is a tabla master & of course mickey hart was an important part of the dead for all those years.

yamato: drummers of japan present 'shin-on (heartbeat)' a celebration of japanese music, dance & culture. 'With a massive Taiko drum made from a 400-year-old tree as its centerpiece, Shin-On (“Heartbeat”) blends thunderous rhythms with Japanese music of delicate beauty, celebrating Japan’s rich cultural traditions.'

so that takes care of my new favorite band & the drums, now for the etc. part...i'm adding a new link to the sidebar here at the le duo. speaking volumes (aka the super fun place) is a great books/vinyl/art shop located at 377 pine st. in burlington. some of you may remember it as the site of the massively insane post fireworks party a few weeks ago. surprisingly, the insanity didnt phase norbert & anaii one bit, because they are hosting another blowout on august 3rd & also at the art hop september 7th & 8th. a great new place to see local bands hassle free.

enjoy your muggy weekend & go see the cripples!

**UPDATE** jay at spitting out teeth gives the burlington music scenes care takers a little shout out- check it out!


casey said...

Farm really are swell. OK, it's official: I miss Burlington.

jay said...

Ah, the sweet sting of nostalgia...I knew it would bite you sooner or later Casey! :)