Sunday, July 29, 2007

the end of an error...

er, era... tanner is moving out today and, since i always post from his computer, the le duo may not be updated as frequently for awhile. i have a record review of one of my favorite local records of all time complete with an mp3 or two in the works (rock-n-roll sherpas 2004 album 'you dont say') and hopefully i can post it tonight or tomorrow before my only link to the cyber world is taken from me. good luck tanner & jenny!

the ryan/cush/cripples show last night was great. i think people really enjoyed ryans djjd stuff, and the cripples brought it. unfortunately, we didnt stay for the cush- all of us were exhausted (me from chasing around & playing ball with kyles nephew cole for what seemed like hours at a 50th birthday party) - but the cute girl at radio bean said it was her first cush show and she was absolutely blown away. I bet.

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Tanner M. said...

luckily i'm just moving a block away.