Monday, July 02, 2007

what happened, really?

so bush pardoned scooter libby. blah blah blah. is anyone really surprised? the part that really pisses me off is that MY nickname used to be scooter. it fell out of vogue probably 20 years ago and the last person to regularly call me that, my uncle vinnie, died last summer (rip)

july 4th is close- even if you dont want to celebrate 'u.s independence day' you should still go to a bbq because lots of shit happened this day including the death of bob ross or as jez & mark call him, god.

reminder from ben about this show: "reminder to bring your own drinks to the show and maybe make one of them a sparks. cause its goin late.
oak 10:15 - ryan power 11 - dynasty 12 - more powers 12:45 - cripples 1:15

i've caught some slack lately from some of my long time readers about not having anything personal or non music related on the blog anymore. just where bands are playing & shit. i told them i was trying to make up for burlingtons lack of casey rae-hunter. but you want personal? ok, the transmission on my kia died yesterday, ruining what was shaping up to be a lovely ride to carmel, ny to look at bernese mountain dogs with tanner and jenny. we were saved by a 16 year old girl and a 6'10" behemoth named andrew. read about it here.

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jay said...

Bummer on the car, man...and you just got the brakes fixed!

I appreciate your devotion to promoting the local music scene, especially the acts that are often overlooked by 7D. A personal anecdote or flourish here and there is nice, but it's nice to have a resource for planning my weekends!