Tuesday, July 03, 2007

bennink in montreal

tomorrow jay (spitting out teeth) and I are going to the festival international de jazz de montreal to see han bennink, a dutch drummer who is quickly becoming one of my favorite musician. I used to try to get to montreal jazz fest every year- but its been probably 4 years since i've made it. the first time was an accident, i went up with my brother and some of his friends to see edgefest, which was a rock fest featuring collective soul, our lady peace, and the tea party (you stay silent, knowing, always in time- see how this love stays divine) but there was awesome street jazz everywhere and rush was playing at the spectrum and i stood in front listening to a good 10 minutes of neil pearts drum solo in awe (i was 16)

but i digress

han bennink is playing in a duet with the pianist anthony coleman, whom allmusic.com describes as '(a) talented standout of the avant-garde and klezmer-oriented jazz coming out of N.Y.C.'s downtown throughout the '80s and '90s" it should be an awesome show!

hopefully I'll see everyone tonight at the superfun place...bring beer, hoola hoops, and squirt guns.


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