Monday, July 30, 2007

rock n roll sherpa

rock n roll sherpa was a burlington band that played from about 2000-2004. featuring aaron hornblas, alan beauregard, burette & gabrielle douglas, & ryan power, this supergroup released one album, 2004's 'you dont say.'

you dont say is a classic indie rock album. blending 70's psychedelic & garage rock sounds with j. mascis-like guitar solos, lyrics about unrequited love, and powerhouse drumming, this gem probably could have made a national impact if released 10 years earlier. aaron & alan split the songwriting & singing duties and their styles are very complimentary. ryan plays drums as good as anyone i've heard locally, he's a hard hitter and great when things get a little punky. gabby's bass work is solid & melodic and burettes whirling keyboards remind me a lot of the cush when things get trippy.

i've included two mp3's. the first & last songs on the album. flower is alans song and steps aarons. enjoy!

it must have been a month ago
when i said babe its time you go
i'm already looking back

it must have been a minute ago
when i said stop and you said no
i'm already looking back

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