Monday, February 20, 2006

Cody, JB, & Spike Summer 2004

Great little papusa party last night, everyone! Lots of fixin's: black beans and refried, carrots and kale, cheese and pumpkin seeds, plus two of the greatest fruit salads I've ever had (actually, I just mixed the two together, forming a super fruit salad) Mandy made an apple cake and I made some banana bread with a little maple for that Franklin County kick. After dinner and some experimental margaritas, Emily found some toy instruments and we had a Home Items/Nest Material/Greg Davis super jam. It was really fun and great food and friends.

This morning as per email some of us met up at The 'Cluse for break-fast. Delicious cream herb gravy biscuits yummy yum. Then the usually-boring-but-this-time-pleasant drive to Swanton, bringing Kyle to see his Grammy. Nest Material practice later, then back to short work week. Next Saturday Mardi Gras parade + hopefully gumbo at JB's

peace, JB


Tmoore said...

nice picture jb; is that recent? you all look really young there... how'd you figure out how to get picture on the E-lectronic picture box?

wish i could have made it to the party last night; sounds like it was a good ol' time. cya at practice

the le duo said...

summer 2004

Tmoore said...

oh yeah... woops.