Wednesday, February 01, 2006

new magic from the nest material

Just re-listened to ‘metaphysical graffiti’ and I finally get what you’ve all been talking about all these months…its great, pretty amazing even. At first I was probably just a little jealous, you guys made this great cd and I’m only on the last 1/3, but now that I’m more of a ‘team player’ I love it.

What is the next step to be able to release this for the show on the 16th? Does it need re-editing/mixing/whatever? I’m not good for all that, but I do know how to use Kyle’s cd burner now so I could make copies. Plus we need track names, there are 9 tracks right? We should just choose the names random as before but stick with the same names for all the cd’s.

Well, I’m going to be watching ‘in the name of the father’ tonight at around 8 come one come all.

Love, jB


Anonymous said...

what' wrong with naming them
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9

it's not like you guys ever play those same songs live anyway

the le duo said...

thats true...but because we dont have lyrics, song titles are the only way to show the world how witty and clever we are ;)

Anonymous said...

song a
song b
song c
song d
song e
song f
song g
song h
song z


Tmoore said...

i was thinking we should give them all titles of zeplin songs, but write them in 1337 speak.

In my time of dying
iN my +iM3 0f dyiNg

Trampled Under foot
+r@MP13d uNd3r ph00+


the le duo said...

yeah, but the zeplin thing is so done with just the tile.

instead of 'stairway to heaven'

'escalator to i'm not really sure if i believe in the afterlife'