Thursday, February 16, 2006

What I Think About at Work:

CD’s that will get me psyched for the show tonight
(in no particular order)

Bitches Brew (disc 2)- Miles Davis
Ascension- John Coltrane
Gris Gris- Dr. John the Night Tripper
An Uncultivated Meadow- Nest Material
In the Jungle Groove- James Brown
The Complete Fillmore West 1969 (disk 11)- The Grateful Dead
The Complete Cellar Door Sessions (disk 4)- Miles Davis


greg davis said...

i downloaded that dr. john record tonight. great stuff. i never thought dr. john did anything worthwhile, so thanks for turning my attention to this one. i love 'croker courtbullion'. some of the funkier moments on this record remind me of the early funkadelic stuff. awesome.....

the le duo said...

also check out Babylon and The Sun Moon & Herbs

I have both if you want to burn them.


the le duo said...

on the first few albums (gris-gris-, babylon, the sun moon & herbs) the 'Dr. John' character was well defined- the voodoo priest, drug filled New Orleans witch doctor spells magik hoodoo zazu. But from 'right place wrong time' on he's played mostly funky traditional N.O r&b which I still like but I can see how you might not consider it worthwhile. I saw Dr. John last year at the Flynn with Charlie Musslewhite and Shamika Copeland. He was great, but the band was so mediocre it made me cringe. Plus the show was really short. But, oh well.