Friday, February 17, 2006

Musings on a Half-Day Friday 3Day Weekend

I'm never ever ever ever ever going to play someone else's drums at a show again!!! Its so hard. Thanks everyone for coming, and even though I thought my playing was a little ehhgh, I think for the most part the show went off well and the practice showed and the chart worked, mostly. Someday I'll be able to hear everything. Thanks to Andy for the drums (you got a pretty sweet deal on those babies) Thanks to the Seamonsters for coming out in force. Thanks to everyone up front for whoopin (Greg) and banging on our toys. Thanks to Yanni for yelling 'filet minong' in the middle of a conversation I was having with somebody, completely out of the bloo. Thanks to Michelle and Angela for always making me laugh. Thanks to Gahlord bringing his state-of-the-art 1992 mini-whatever recorder-majiggie. Thanks to Ben Brian Tanner Marnie and Aaron. I cant wait till next show (3/3 right?) with (lord)Todd AND Mike!! Hells Bells!

love, JB


michelle said...

thanks to jb for playing! totally awesome. just feel lucky that the seamonster crew didn't start rioting because we wanted you to play for longer. and, i'm glad that i make you laugh, because that's one of my new year's resolutions, as you may remember.

emily said...

you guys did sound really great--totally next level, not even level purgatory!

one word of advice though--marnie needs a pick-up on her violin. You boys drown her out(you can't hear her at all), and you don't want to get the feminists on your back about that.
You can fashion one out of a bottlecap and some wire, I think.

the le duo said...

she has a small mic we left it at the studio also she bought a pickup off ebay it should be here any time.

thanks for the kind words and keep me posted about 'Harry Smith' night.


greg davis said...

awesome gong solo dude! you need to buy a gong. we need more in burlington. plus i want to play an all gongs set at the radio bean sometime with ben, etc.. we could be called 'filet migong'

im watching a DVD of the grateful dead in sunny springfield, oregon playing at nancy's yogurt creamery from 1972. totally golden!

harry smith night is feb. 25th. mike will be here too!
not sure where it will be yet. maybe gahlord's studio, maybe somewhere else. should be cool....

emily said...

woah. I liked nancy's yogurt before I knew this little tidbit of jerry love. but now... live and active cultures, for sure!

the le duo said...

feb 25th is looking up. first I'm going to try to make gumb0 (I dont really know what gumbo is) then mardi gras parade. then Harry Smith night. word