Monday, February 06, 2006

"Unto my rightwell beloved Valentine"

Next Tuesday is everybodys favorite holiday, St. Valentines day. Maybe Chaucer said it best:

'For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne's day
Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.'

Or maybe The Magistrate said it best:

'Fuck Valentines day,

Either way, I was thinking about having a little get together at my place for the single folk St. Valentines evening. Nothing special, a little dinner, a little movie watching, maybe a little Trivial Pursuit playin. Anyone interested? If not, I'll probably do what I do every other February 14th: Watch sitcom reruns, have a good cry, jerk off, go to bed.



myshel said...

i wanna come over!! i just got some movies in the mail today: Little Murders, Weekend, and Donnie Darko director's cut.

the le duo said...


Tmoore said...

ahh jb... i'll jerk off with you!

the le duo said...

no one who is currently dating someone or getting regular sex is invited!

the le duo said...

unless, of course, your sweetheart is miles away :D

michelle said...

i'm not getting regular sex, that's for sure.

Animal Parade said...

"watch sitcom reruns, have a good cry, jerk off, go to bed" = Mandy 5 months out of the year!!

haha totally raunchy
but mr. davis will be in town on the 14th, so I have been disqualified. i hate valentine's day.

Anonymous said...

yeah, good mandy. i wanted to go a little farther with my comment, but i held back. what i wanted to say was, "...except from myself or various kitchen utensils"

love ya!

Anonymous said...

oh, and by the way, someone left a ladle at my house last sunday.

Anonymous said...

that's mandy's ladle.

the le duo said...

way to 'take it to the next level' ladies. I started the bar pretty high.

Animal Parade said...

technically that's GREG's ladle
i am laughing hysterically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, the world now knows that we ladies of home items are all about the next level

Anonymous said...

and all about kitchen utensils.