Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I had a great Valentines Day yester-day, not lonely and sad as usual but filled with friends and food and Donnie Darko.

Sabrina, a friend of mine (1/2 Thai), makes me delicious Thai red curries whenever I ask, all I have to do is buy tofu bamboo veggies etc. So I figured I’d have her make a big batch and treat Kyle + myself and whoever else didn’t have big romantic Valentines plans. Michelle brought a nice salad and also 1 cookie (for me!) leftover from big cookie making night Monday. Marnie (who HAD Valentines plans later…Frank was working) showed up with some pretty flowers for us (with a little card telling Kyle to fuck off or some such) Also Fast Eddie and Tim ‘Big Trouble’ Burgher.

We kinda watched Donnie Darko: at first Marnie just skipped from chapter to chapter trying to find a song she really like (never did) but then we watched last ¾ straight through. It is a great movie that I hadn’t seen in a while (and I wasn’t really paying attention (Kyle+Tim wrestling)(also Kyle+Marnie)) so I was confused as all hell. Jena Malone is beautiful.

Well, big show tomorrow. I’m excited as usual. I finally get to see ‘The Cripples’ For those of you who don’t know, Aarons previous band ‘Rock and Roll Sherpa’ is one of my favorite local bands of all time. So there you have it.


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Anonymous said...

jB, thanks for having me over for a delicious meal and a fun time. i wish those boys would have wrestled for longer though.