Friday, March 03, 2006


tonight is going to be a lot of fun

i'm listening to the second disk of 'thinking about a season'& digging it

i really like the akron/family & angels of light track- hows the rest of the album?

i bought some peanut m&m's for a snack today

afterwork i might stop by the contois yamaha store and see what they have for drum machines. the new nm joint has made me want to drum machine it up

movie soundtrack freaky blue grass man of constsnt sorrow dr. john-ish end to practice last night

i went home and ate pasta salad & lasanga leftover from kyles grams funeral



michelle said...

jb, glad you're enjoying the mix! i do like the rest of the a/f & AoL album; i think it is pretty sincere music. i could make you a copy of it if you want...

see you tonight for big fun!

the le duo said...

that would be great! the cds are really good...greg davis & fleetwood mac on the same album is killer


greg davis said...

if i were only half as cool as lindsey buckingham....