Sunday, March 12, 2006

the show tonight

I had a great time tonight, thanks to everyone that came out. a little run down of the show tonight...

we got to the langdon st cafe early. it was great- we went inside just to chill out for a while, and the cute girl working there informed us that we each got three free beers AND a free sandwich. So Brian and I were like 'fuck yeah!' I had a turkey melt.

ryan went on first. he has a really cool looking danelectro guitar. his songs are really good, about drinking and life and feeling blue and all those important things.

aaron was next. he showed up at the cafe with his parents and sister, and I think the extra family inspired him to play awesomely. he even played some old sherpa songs which I really like.

then the 'ol nest material went on. todd and tanner arrived in the nick of time. I was a little nervous, with all the shit happening this week- tanner announcing he was leaving, all kinds of stuff.

the first set belonged to todd. he ranted and raved and was flat on his back with a shaker screaming his beautiful little head off. we switched it up a little- tan played drums while I (kinda) played bass for a bit. we took a ten minute break.

for mini set 2 we decided to play the 'pulse' part of our most recent opus. it is really rocking and up-beat and I think it was the perfect end to the evening.

well, we got back home in time for marnie and I to go to the monkey house for the last few songs of kyles gig. the nightbirds are good. everyone check them out. I ran into some old friends I hadn't seen in a while.

a good night all around

peace, jB

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