Thursday, March 09, 2006

That night time sniffling sneezing achey-head fever so you can go to sleep and get some rest post

I have a cold. Not a bad one, but just enough that my nose constantly runs and one nostril is plugged. Its funny, because the plugged nostril keeps switching...sometimes its the right, other times the left. I took off work today and slept in. I awoke to Todd on my couch, he went out drinking last night and got locked out of his house (Tanner was at Evas) So he came over here and luckily Kyle was still awake. We got some breakfast at the PC and had a little NM talk. Tanner is leaving the band, and shit is gonna be a lot different. After these next couple of shows in March I think we all are going to take a little break. But hopefully we will PLAY ON. Improv like it was in the beggining.

Meanwhile Tanner wants to work on his own music, and Todd too; and Kyle and I are trying to put something together. We use to have a band called East Infection (aka Burnt Col.) East Infection played 95 per cent covers, and 85 per cent of the covers were Sublime. But we had fun and drank a lot and had a little cult following. Now Kyle has tons of original rock songs, really upbeat and fun music. So I'm real excited about that.

Anyway, you should all check out the next three Nest Material shows because who knows?

3/11 the Langdon St. Cafe (Montpelier)
3/17 the Radio Bean (Burlington)
3/23 the Fire House Gallery (Burlington)


emmy lou said...

don't go breakin' up before we record the hammer material/nest saw ep.

the le duo said...

not breaking up...just re-organizing

michelle said...

booooo hoooooooo!!!!
*cry cry cry*
i love nest material, but i understand
(let me know if you need to donate any equipment to home items)

the le duo said...

I can donate one hunky drummer, 25 years old, 6', likes pie, cakes and cookies.