Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Those were the days...

I used to have a really close relationship to my stuffed animals when I was a kid- three in paticular.  The first was Bucky Beaver.  He was given to me before I was born.  My cousin gave him to my grandmother to bring to me in Panama.  The second was Mousie (RIP).  I think she was won/bought for me at a fair or carnival.  Rounding out the holy trinity was Dookie-Dickie, the bald-headed monkey.  I dont remember how I came to own him.
Bucky Beaver and Mousie were married and Dookie-Dickie was their son.  During the day they lived the normal stuffed animal life, but at night they were super heroes!!  We slept in bunk beds (I was on the bottom, my brother Jacob on top) and I would entertain with grand stories of how Bucky, Mousie, and Dookie-Dickie saved the world!

When I was about ten one of my brothers caught head lice (Alburgh Elementary school closed down almost every year with head lice epidemic) my Mom said she had to put all the stuffed toys through the wash. And of course, Mousie was killed. Blowed to bits she was. I was crushed-burst out crying. All my brothers laughed at me. I didnt care. I loved her.

Well, I grew up, moved to Burlington, and joined Nest Material. Dookie-Dickie and Bucky Beaver live in a stuffed animal/super hero retirement home in Alburgh (aka my Moms house)

peace, brother, peace...JB


Anonymous said...

this is my favorite post of your's jb, you big soft sissy :)


the le duo said...

I have an emotional/sweet side sometimes.


Tmoore said...

all your sides are emotional and sweet, that's why i love you buddy.

emmy lou said...

this reminds me of another zoologic miscegeny story detailed in the folk song 'Froggie Went a Courtin,' though this time miss mousie marries a frog. The mouse dies in this story as well, as does the frog, culminating in the last verse "well this is the end of him and her (rink tum bod-a mitch-a cambo) guess there won't be tadpoles covered with fur..."

greg davis said...

i play with stuffed animals every day.

eboni said...

maybe we should name our club after your sweetie stuffed animals. i think the dookie-dickies would sound much better than the NAMBLAs.

the le duo said...

dooki-dickie it is.

but please, never again use the words 'dickie' and 'NAMBLA' in the same sentence again!


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