Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well, I've been doing practically nothing lately except importing cd's into my sweet new Ipod. I know I know I should be outside, the weather is great etc... but I want to get MY cd's done so I can borrow YOUR cd's.

Tanner leaving the band is official now, and although thats a bummer and I'm sad to see him go, I'm nervously-excitedly waiting to see what direction Nest Material takes now. Tan's keyboard filled up a lot of space- that is going to be lacking now- but I see us going a little more punky/rocky maybe- give Marnie and Brian more room.

By the way, wasn't Brian's birthday Flatbread thingy supposed to be last night at 8? I showed up at 8.30 and looked around and didn't see anyone I knew. Anyway, I digress.

There is some really cool/exciting NM news that I'm itching to tell everybody- but I'll wait till its a little more official.

3 cd's imported whilst typing this post- that reminds me...the first cd I ever bought was Mtv Unplugged Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded '94 or so- all tapes before that, baby

So, everyone enjoy the sun for me. Someday I'll drag myself away from this computer/ipod and live like a normal.


michelle said...

emily and i tried to stop by flatbread too, but to no avail. i guess we were there closer to 10 though.

my first CDs (all for xmas 1992) were:
REM: Automatic for the People
Phantom of the Opera
Nirvana: Nevermind
Red Hot Chili Peppers: What Hits

p.s. do you want to go see the show/film at the flynn space on saturday with me and ben o.? get a ticket for the 4 o'clock show!

the le duo said...

I will if I am in town- I might go home to do laundry?catch up on the Soprano's

greg davis said...

my first cd was Dee-Lite 'World Clique'
i guess that was around 1990-1991.

JB, youll never get outside now. you're stuck.

and ben told me about run sa.

Tmoore said...

greg Shhhhhhh!

My first CDs...

Metallica - And justice for All.
Megadeth - countdown to extinction
Anthrax - Sound of white Noise.
all 93'ish.

i used to rock out, with my pubescent cock out.

my shel said...

pubescent or pre-pubescent cock, do it, do it, rock out,
believe me, it is all you can do.
i believe in magic, why because it is so QUICK

Anonymous said...

grooooooove is in the heaaaaaaaarrrt.

Anonymous said...

Apple vs. Apple: F' The Beatles and Apple Corp.

(Grabiner said the fact that Apple Computer distributed music didn't make it a record label, and so did not violate the agreement -- which set Apple Corps' domain as music content and Apple Computer's as hardware, software and the digital distribution of data.

He said no "reasonable person" would assume that Apple Computer created or owned the 3.5 million songs on its hugely successful iTunes music store.

"It's obvious that the content comes from a wide variety of content providers," he said. "It's obvious that Apple Computer is not the source or origin of the content.")

My first illegal music download, Beatles "hide your love away" --- would've bought from iTunes but wasn't available :-(


the le duo said...

I dont care what Apple computers 'created or owned', they are selling music via their i-tunes, so that makes them in the business of 'music' and therefore they violated the agreement.

Look, Yoko Ono has finally sold everything that John ever owned, touched, or saw in a magazine, so she has to make money somehow! Primal Scream records just aren't selling like they used to.


Anonymous said...

They aren't selling muusic, they are selling digital data!

the le duo said...

in that case, everything is digital could buy and sell you in a minute!

Anonymous said...

not quite. yet...