Wednesday, May 03, 2006

couple of things

1. I finally got my Kia fixed/inspected! That means for the first time in at least 18 months I am totally legal. And it cost like $250 less than quoted. They ended up just fixing some shit instead of replacing it. My kinda people. B&A Auto in sunny Georgia Vermont.

2. I'm listening to some Zappa, check out these sweet lyrics

womens liberation came creeping all across the nation
I tell you, people, I was not ready
when I fucked this dyke by the name of Freddi
She made a little speech then, oh she tried to make me say when
She had my balls in a vice but she left the dick,
I guess it's still hooked on but now it shoots too quick
(Bobby Brown Goes Down)

3. Even though I didnt go to work today I found out from my spies that everyone at work is mandated to work over-time the NEXT THREE SATURDAYS IN A ROW AT 6AM IN FUCKING ST. ALBANS!!! God Damn it I fucking hate the concept of 'mandatory over-time' fuck it all fuck fuck man! plus its in St. Albans so I'll have to wake up even earlier to get there. balls

4. I found a cd today that has on it the track that Mike Yun and I recorded when we first moved our shit into the Green Door Studios. It is pretty good and I was worried I had lost it forever.

5. Everyone have fun on Cinco De Mayo while I'm in bed at 9.30

later, JB


Eva the Deadbeat said...

man, sucks about the Sat over-time. that government better put a swell bonus in your paycheck! here are some girl lyrics for you to play name that artist with:

Some boys with warm beds and cold, cold hearts
Can make you feel nothing at all
They'll never remember and they'll never mind
If you're counting the cracks in the wall
They're quick and they're greedy
They never feel guilty
They don't know the meaning of hurt
The boots just go back on
The socks that had stayed on
The next time they see you
They treat you like dirt
The next time they treat you like dirt

Tmoore said...

Sorry baby... i had someplace i had to be... honnest.

JB, just so know... i own the pattent on "Balls" everytime you use it, i get 5 cents.

the le duo said...

since when?
last time I heard you had no balls

the le duo said...


Kristy MacColl

the le duo knows all sees all can google all

eboni said...

jb, that sucks that you have to work so early in the morning. cable intsallation can be a bitch, huh?

the le duo said...

I prefer to call it 'laying pipe' not 'cable installation'


greg davis said...

i think stephen colbert owns the patent on 'balls'.

the le duo said...

no, just 'ballsiness'

Eva the Deadbeat said...

DANG JB, you got some magic google fingers!!! hollah! and you should check out some kristy maccoll, she has some dulcet pipes - you may have heard 'em on the duet with shane toothless mcgowan, "fairytale of ny." uh huh, needed some female lyrics to balance out the is another one for you to guess/google:

I only ask because I'm a real cunt in spring
You can rent me by the hour
I know all about the ugly pilgrim thing
Entertainers bring May flowers
May flowers
May flowers
To you

the le duo said...

He's got a really big tongue
It rolls way out
Snaking around in the club
It slicks you down
Scratching his face like a bum
He pulls you back
Circa nineteen-eighty-one
He pulls you back

Liz Phair, Glory
('snacking around in the club' is that some kind of sexual reference?)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

me thinks it must be. that liz phair is one dirty bird! gotta love her!

Tmoore said...

i havn't heard that song, but it could be a typo - perhaps, SNAKING? wouldn't that make more sense...

here's some lyrics for you

"I'm a bitch, i'm liar i'm a child i'm a mother, i'm a sinner i'm a saint, i do not feel ashamed, i'm your hell i'm your dreams, i'm nothing in between, you know you wouldn't want it any other way yeah!"


Eva the Deadbeat said...

aw come on now, don't throw liz phair in the mix with that meredith-one-hit-wonder-lady - i mean, she's a BITCH and all! and liz phair is a cunt in heat which in an entirely different ballgame in my book...

the le duo said...

how about these scathing lyrics:

'insert any Fiona Apple song here'