Monday, May 01, 2006

hey sports fans!

Now, I’m not the worlds biggest sports fan, although I do watch the occasional Red Sox game or Super Bowl; and sometimes to get back to my roots I’ll watch a little hockey or curling. Plus once or twice a summer I like to go see the VT LakeMonsters (formerly the Expos)
Latley I’ve been hearing and reading about the up-coming Soccer World Cup and I’ve got to say I’m kind of excited. I remember back in 1998 I watched quite a few matches with friends, and although they’re long (and sometimes boring) the passion and fanaticism of the European and South American teams and fans is very exciting.

So even though I know nothing about soccer, and I’ll probably forget all about the World Cup in a day or two and never watch a match, I’m going to root for Ghana and Costa Rica. Go Teams!!



emmy lou said...

Go Ghana! Odenke is the shit.

greg davis said...

is the new VT baseball team really called the Lake Monsters?

they had a vote about the new name last year, and a bunch of us wrote in Sea Monsters to be funny.
i guess they took our advice.

the le duo said...

yep, lakemonsters it is. I thought it was too obvious- even lakemonster (singular) would have been better. my vote was 'Vermont Independence'

hey, I finally got that Mickey Hart book back from the SinAgOg- are you going to be at Meghans b-day pot luck so I can hand it over? Also, I just picked up a book called 'echoes from dharamsala- music in the life of a tibetan refugee community' that I will also let you borrow if interested.


greg davis said...

thanks for the mickey hart book. should be a quick read. sweet handoff!
that other book sounds great too.
you're welcome to borrow stuff from my music book collection anytime if you want...

Anonymous said...

The World Cup is for soccer? ... always thought it was a drinking competition for Europeans, Africans, and South Americans and the reason why the US always sucks is because we never have enough drunk fans.

the le duo said...

we have enough drunk fans, just not enough darts

michelle said...

i will root for ghana because of koo nimo and highlife music!