Saturday, May 20, 2006

rainy saturday dreams

woke up at 4.35am this morning to work the last four hours of my mandatory overtime. It actually flew by and wasn't that bad, and I got home by 11 and went right back to bed. which leads me to a dream I had:

my mom and my brother jacob were UN aid workers delivering food to impoverished areas of russia. they stumbled upon a compound made up of russian/american/vietnamese militants who were deserters from the vietnam war. needless to say they weren't very welcomed and they were killed, I think hung. I was back here in the good 'ol USA and heard about my mom & brothers death through CNN headline news. weird, huh? me and my other brothers and dad were scrambling around trying to decide who was going to call jakes pregnant girlfriend and tell her the news. hopefully this wasn't some kind of weird message from the future. if it is it must be quite veiled, because my mom isn't very likely to ever leave the US, and I don't think jake could find russia on a map, plus he isn't very fond of charity,

ok. have a good saturday. me? I'm going to see the cush at parima. thanks for asking sweetie.



Eva the Deadbeat said...

dude!!! i too have been having all sorts of crazy end of the world, dramatic, adventure-filled, incredibly intense and detailed dreams recently - i wonder if it is the rain that inspires these unconscious ponderings/Indiana Jones type of escapades? hmmmmm...and what would freud say about it all?

Anonymous said...


i'm sorry i missed you on saturday at parima.
and i swear.
the blog shall be forthcoming...
i have to wait till i'm thoroughly integrated into farm life.
then i can begin blogging like a rock star.