Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Last night, Kibosh Records was born for real. I just started talking about starting a record label last week, and I never thought anyone would be interested. So I was pleasantly surprised when Gahlord and Mike L and Tanner and Todd and Mike Y and Ben and Boz showed up and were so enthusiastic. We even have a couple of acts that may be interested. Nest Materials last show at half speed anyone?

So the next step is registering the trade name with the State, and the URL with the internet ferry (or whoever is in charge) and checking out a few websites that help distribute music online. Also, I have to figure out where I fit in- I’m really ignorant of business, computers/internet, recording-editing-mixing etc… but I’m more than willing to learn.

Home Items debut tomorrow night…I am excited to finally experience them live.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Fela Kuti lately. Funky Afro-Beat. Dig it.

See ya! JB


emmy lou said...

if you like fela kuti, you will probably like NOMO. Yes, they're my friend's band, but they're GOOD. and their new album's at pure pop. I'd burn it for ya, but I only have it on vinyl.

There's an afro-beat style Joanna Newsom cover. wierd.

Anonymous said...

helpful smitten?
pie luvin smitten?
there aint no grave gonna hold my smitten down?

emmy lou said...

oh and they are also playing with konono no.1 soon--your other new favorite.

Tmoore said...



home itemz said...

we regret to announce that the home items and bübble güm debut show will not be happening this evening and will be postponed to a later place and time.