Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sonic Youth + The Gilmore Girls = Quality Television


Tmoore said...

sue was talking about this all day at work, makes me wish i had cable; instead we listened to their new album thats coming out soon; it's poptastic.

greg davis said...

i saw it last night. i think.
it was on the season finale right?
thurston and kim rocking out on the star's hollow green. with their daughter on bass?
pretty funny.
there were also scads of other musicians on the show. they really went all out.
gilmore girls isnt on cable. its on the WB which is shown on fox at 10pm and on....

the le duo said...

the song by the girl who used to be on 'mr. show' but now is on '24' about how she lost her '89 volvo was pretty funny.