Monday, May 22, 2006

fleet-fingered passion

Wednesday night Kyle and the Night Birds along with Fire the Cannons and the 78's are playing at Nectars

I wont be able to go, but a little blog publicity never hurt, right? Did anyone else hear Marge Simpson mention the blogosphere last night? yeah



Anonymous said...

Who are the Nite Birds?:

Bring together the streets of Burlington, Vermont and the four seasons of life and you get a sound and tone of music that is created straight from the heart. In the cold winter of December 2005, Brenden Shinosky decided it was time to make this music come to life. After weeks of collaborating with life long friends, guitarist Jimmy Ladd, and Chris Sciera on mandolin, they brought together the musical talents they possessed, to unite their set back indie rock tone with the soul of the city of Burlington. After several months of searching for the right bassist, the 3-piece duo came across Kyle Chevy whos talents go unsurpassed on every string instrument he lays his fingers into. The 4-piece band soon went through several drummers trying to find the one. Brenden called upon his brother Danny Shinosky, whos love for music glows brighter and brighter with every note played. Danny soon became the drummer who could splice each song into comfortable rock form. Together, in the street, lit by the glowing light of the neon Side Street Sign, the group under the name 'The Night Birds' has been taking hearts since their first show. Now, in the process of recording their first Ep, the five-piece band expects to unveil a copious amount creative works as they further progress the sound of striving passion.

Tmoore said...


Well, i like em... a bit of tupelo meets morrissey meets ryan adams. I'm gonna try and make it out.

the le duo said...

three piece duo?

Anonymous said...

Dude, i can never read this too much... damn, it's funny!