Monday, May 08, 2006

Marnie and Frank hosted a bbq Sunday to honor three May birthdays, Kyles 26th Thans 40th and Marnies 31st. Sample menu- all food prepared by Frank and Marnie and Bunser

Some kind of coconut milk soup
Red hen bakery bread
Three cheeses (one from France, two from VT)
Guacamole and salsa
Mussels cooked in beer and butter and scallions
A keg of Shed Mountain Ale
A whole organic salmon
Asparagus and fiddle heads
Birthday cake

What a perfect day for a bbq! I ate and drank my fill, went home and passed out at 6pm only to wake up at midnight confused-

Beauty, JB


Tmoore said...

Wish i could have been there for that - Eva had other plans for me though, Breakfast at Sneakers and then the entire day at the waterfront and walking the bike trail... exercise and sun is aparently good for a person, who knew?!

Anonymous said...

ok, off subject, but I told you Apple Computer would win :-)


the le duo said...

i dont care who won, I care about who is right...and that is apple corp.

'In 1991 Apple Computer paid Apple Corps $26.5 million to settle a logo dispute.'

'Splitting hairs, but Apple computer won anyway.'

sounds like they won big time.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

man, that menu looks want some fiddleheads...

the le duo said...

well you and Tanner were both invited...