Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The after Xmas post

I hope everybody had a great holiday time with friends + family + lovers + pets + etc. I myself made out with some great gifts: Muppets dvd (anyone wanna watch?) Trivial Pursuit pop culture 2 (anyone wanna play?) also some money and great food.

I think I have a new favorite cd, Live/Dead
The Eleven just blows my mind, and what can I say about Dark Star that hasn’t already been shouted at the moon during countless acid trips?
Don’t say anything, Tanner

Well, hows about NYE? Me thinks the Narthex and Mushrooms sound like the way to go.



Anonymous said...

Narthex, huh? Does that mean no new year holdover party on the 2nd floor at clark st?


the le duo said...

maybe- i figure we still get one of thoes half kegs and get all loosey goosey before the real partying begins

Anonymous said...

does tanner not like the dead?
JB, lets fuck em up.

live/dead kicks butts.....