Thursday, December 08, 2005

Walking home up church st. tonight there was a guy in front of uncommon ground with an electric guitar playing 'fee' by phish. I was like, whoa...fee its fucking ten degrees out! at least go to radio bean!

Michelle, 'x-rayted' barely ended up on top of 'flower power' 56-55.



one of the crowders said...

i guess medical technologists and botanists are a good match for each other. I got a few while i was there (like A.A. Milne).

p.s. i just started a blog for my family yesterday, which is why i can sign in now and post on your 'no anonymous-allowed' blog. mwahahaha!

the le duo said...

well, thanks for posting. I tried going in to my settings and changing the anonymous thing, but i guess it didnt work. i'll have to ask tanner. see ya!

the le duo said...

fixed. tell all your friends!