Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Nest Material for the New Year!

Marnie: Violin, perc., vocals
Brian: Trumpet, flugelhorn, perc.
Tanner: Keyboards, guitar, perc.
Todd: Guitar, bullhorn, vocals, perc.
Ben: Guitar, perc., drums
JB: Drums, perc.
Sarah(NYC): Trombone, perc.
Mike(MI): Guitar, everything (you know Mike)
Gaylord: Bass

We had a little band meeting last night and decided that after our shows in Jan. (1.6 Langdon St. Café, Montpelier- 1.9 Half Lounge, Burlington) we would take a break from playing out and concentrate on getting real solid with each other again. The two new members seem to be working out great. Brian is really good on his horns and Marnie is just all-around awesome.

Drew Cameron came in last night and took a bunch of funny/awesome pics of us all for the new Green Door Studio website. I doubt they’re up yet, but check back in the coming weeks.

See ya, JB

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