Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Monday night @ synagogue

todd and sara home
after christmas blues
johnn walker red @ molson
white cheez its
too much of the shins
sara paul freakin'
tomorrow breakfast at the cluse
taking another day off
complete tales of the macabre
tanner got me a gift?
back at home kyle trying to get with jamie
i'm sure he will
she's real cute

1 comment:

Tmoore said...

Tanner got you a gift, it's a classic there was a tossup between new, hip and obscure and old, square and common. i went with old, only because it's still a very good album i know you'll enjoy.

Last night was a blast, it felt great to have todd and sarah back, and all of you guys over listening to music and having drinks; SP had a rough night, but she was feeling much better in the morning, she said she had a great time with everyone, and said she missed hanging out with you jb