Thursday, December 08, 2005


So, Cody might not be coming home this week after all. The Army keeps fucking with him...they send him from Redstone arsenal, Alabama to some psyche ward in Georgia back and forth back and forth. Now he needs this Sgt. to sign this form, and this guy to jerk this other guy off...and it's really pissing ME off. I talked to him on the phone last night and he sounded fucking horrible.

on a lighter note, Marnie has a balaphone and I spent all night playing it and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Did anyone in the 90's have a sexier voice than Beth Gibbons?

Good luck Tanner and Todd with moving in day!



Tmoore said...

Thanks Jb, sorry to hear about Cody, lets drive down there and break his ass out, old school.
i hope he get's home soon, poor bastard.

anyway, here's a link to a great political blog you might enjoy, and some excerpts from a review with Berney Sanders.

Tmoore said...

also, nice babaphone... she better play that in the band - and when were you listening to portishead?

Coogan said...

YEAH! I found JB's blog. I love reading these now that I'm far away. God I can't believe I'm missing all this fun at band practice. Violins, trumpets and a babaphone! I'm going to get to work finding us shows down here. hugs- sarah

Coogan said...

sorry i'm using my sister's friend's computer. I am not at all coogan or related to his blog in anyway. -srb

the le duo said...

listen to PH here at work. 'dummy' and 'portishead' I prefer 'dummy' hey sarah!!!!!


greg davis said...

babaphone - is that a balaphone graced by the holy guru Meher Baba?

Anonymous said...

sure is. when you hit it it makes no sound at just points at a note on an alphabet board


greg davis said...

it just radiates pure light and joy.