Monday, December 19, 2005

Couple things...

1. I'm planning a little movie night Thursday 8ish at JBs house 12 clarke st #1. I'm thinking something music related, maybe experimental freaky-deaky. So if anyone wants to bring something over or has any suggestions, please tell me. I'll bring beer, you bring whatever.

2. I don't know if it was the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale or the fact that this was Mikes first practice since July, but as soon as he picked up the guitar and the beers were opened, we rocked it out like old school nest material percussion laden fucking trumpet violin jumble of pure fucking fall-of-2004- nest material god damn right I tell ya. Man, I love this band and everyone in it and monday nights and school breaks and Michelle letting Mike skip out early on the radio show.

Well, I gots to get to bed. see ya Thursday!



greg davis said...

holiday flatbread tonight with gahlords parents.
+ hang out with mike time.

not sure what time.

cmon on out.

Tmoore said...

JB, let's go, i get out ofwork at 6:00 and i'm coming to your house!

Anonymous said...

FUCK, wish i woulda been there for band practice. i'm sure you guys didn't record it either. well jb, don't drink all the beer in the state while i'm away and oh yeah fella, i love you too.

-vulpes persona

the le duo said...

listen wolf man..tales of my beer guzzling might have made it as far as michigan, but its all lies i tell ya! merry xmas fuck-face

Tmoore said...

hey jb remember when you gave yourself alcohol poisoning right before we left for europe? that was cool!