Monday, December 19, 2005

Party in the 'Burgh

Stew I made that no one ate for alburgh xmas party oh five

3 cans black beans
1 can diced tomatoes
4 potatoes
4 carrots
2 green peppers
1 onion
lots of garlic
¼ cup veggie broth (is this the same as veggie stock I’m not sure)
2 cups water
salt pepper cumin thyme

yummy yummy yum.

Quite some time Saturday I spent on this stew. My good ‘ol friend Jere came over and he and Kyle serenaded me with Beatles classics.

Fri. night I got to hang out with ‘old Marnie’ that’s the Marnie that’s wasted and kept beating the crap outta me with a move she called ‘the tsunami’ then she passed out on my disgusting floor clutching my pant leg. Lush face.

Alburgh Xmas party was fun as always. Got to hang out with the Blair side of my family. Lots of fried cheese and football. A few racist jokes and wrestling matches. Picking on my brother about being the ‘northeast correctional facility table tennis champ’ everyone excited because his girlfriend is having a baby. My mom crushed because she was not invited. Same ol shit. But Mike Yun is back this week, and my friend Lindsay too, and I’m excited as hell to hang out with them.



Anonymous said...

Which Lindsay?

the le duo said...

lindsay martin from highgate ctr. rember her?

Anonymous said...

The name sounds familiar, but then again, it could just be the highgate ctr. thing throwing me off

Tmoore said...

WTF that bitch is back and she hasn't called me... figures. JB,from what i can tell Jake stayed quite active in the slammer, he taught me how to light my smokes with a nine volt and a piece of tin foil.

the le duo said...

lindz just got back late last night...she called me at 10am or so from keep your panties on. jake loved prison, he got to watch and bet on football all the time and shoot hoops. fuckin' club med for neckers

Anonymous said...

Wow, my time in the slammer was much different. I had to wear women's undergarments and go by the french pronounciation of my name.

But when i got out i could teach people how to lite smokes with a nine volt and a piece of tin foil. Oh and i told everyone i loved prison, got to watch and bet on football all the time and shoot hoops.

Tmoore said...

who wrote that one?

Allan said...

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