Sunday, December 04, 2005

my weekend

I went and saw a great little free jazz show tonight @ The Flynn Space w/Kyle. The oliver Lake Trio featuring Mary Redhouse and Pheeroan akLaff. It was basically sax drum duets a la Interstellar Space with Native American flute/vocals from Ms. Redhouse. Great Show akLaff kicks a lot of akAss on the drums.

sat. i went to pearls and saw ryan power trio and swale. ryan sounded great as usual, he played some keyboards witch fit nicely with his music. and then the trio had no drums but marnies friend tyler (middle eight + monoprix) on up-right bass. Swale was Swale as usual.

tanner todd and i then went to a party on rose st. i dont really remember much except watching 'annie' and passing out on the couch and waking up with a hangover. so i slept to 3:30, that doesnt make me lazy!

well, my brother comes home for the holidays from the army on friday, and i am releived and excited and so worried about him... an army of one my ass!


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Tmoore said...

Long have i awaited the return of the margarita king.