Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hump Day

I bought my brother Gordie saw-horses for Christmas.
I got my Mom tickets to see Dark Star Orchestra.
I still need to get my Dad something.
Kyle I usually try to get a book or cd or something.
Sometimes Tanner and I exchange gifts, and sometimes we don't. He's gotten me some really good gifts lately, and the last thing I remember getting him was Cheap Trick Live @ Budokan on cassette I bought at a lawn sale.

Remember, Todd and Tanner are having a little get together tonight @ the Sin-A-Gog (105 Hyde St.) dont know if I'll go because it's starting kinda late (for me) but I bet it will be a fun time. Also, tommorow Gaylord and CDOA play 'nutcracker, sweet' at the Metronome. Everyone should go.


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Tmoore said...

That album rocked then, like it rocks now. if nest material could play live like Cheap trick could, then the worlds energy crisis would be solved.