Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Fuck you Mike for telling me my blog is boring. I gots shit to do- I dont just sit around drink wine and watch porn valley. who cares how the red sox are doing? who cares if ted turner lost a billion dollars over three years? phaw...

one of my favorite web sites. New the catholic encyclopedia. now i cant seem to link. man i dont know shit about this blog...there we GO. anyway, you can read all about your fav catholic peeps, such as francis of assisi or saint john the baptist. I call him 'the precursor', but we're on a nickname basis so back off.

just got my hands on a copy of the complete columbia recordings 55-61 miles davis + john coltrane. so good. plus i won a pure pop raffle for a signed lithograph mike gordon/ leo kottke. gonna ebay that sonnabitch.

night night, JB


Anonymous said...

You sound pretty down, JB... Here's a fan to cheer you up:

Click here!

aka L-Rock, aka D-Mike


Anonymous said...

By the way, we did sit around, drink wine and watch porn valley :-)