Tuesday, January 10, 2006

1/2 post

I’ve discovered that power naps are the way to go. 18-25 minutes top.

I was so glad to see some old friends @ the show last night, Brian and Tara especially.

In high school, I had the biggest crush on Tara (Tanners sister) which is kinda odd, because they do look an awful lot alike (Homo-erotic much?) but anyway, it started off with all of us (me, Brian, Jared, Kyle) ribbing Tanner like “oh your sister is SO hot hubba hubba” like high school boys will do. But then I realized that I really liked her, although she hardly ever talked to us and thought that Tanner and I were a bunch of weird, pot smoking hippy freaks. But she eventually got over that, and I got over my crush (mostly) and now Tara is like the tall, beautiful, blonde, lesbian sister I never had.

Anyway, the ½ show was fun, hopefully it sounded alright, and I’d just like to thank the usual suspects (Mandy, Angela, Emily, Michelle, L-Rocque, Fast Eddie, and super-sweet bearded mullet man) for continuing to show up and give us the support we so desperately need.



Tmoore said...

Jb, remember that night me you and ben smoked like a gajillion bowls and we were sitting by my computer listening to music when suddenly my sister and lyndsay came back from prom or something and started to do a burlesque dance show for you? and i think it was during my "film every boring detail of my life" period, so i think it's on tape somewhere :)

the le duo said...

yeah I was thinking about that earlier. i was so horny that night i almost fucking exploded


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