Sunday, January 01, 2006

For those of you in the know, or maybe I haven't really ever came out and said it, I like Woody Allen almost as much as I like the Grateful Dead. Someday I'm gonna pull off a floyd/oz dealy> watching Annie Hall whilst listening to Europe '72. The reason I'm laying all this heavy shit on ya is because I just saw 'Melinda Melinda' and loved it. Will Ferrel is surprisingly not annoying. He just plays a big tall non-jewish version of Woody. Which is probably very annoying to all Woody haters. And dont give me any of that 'old pervert slept with his daughter shit' cause I'm sick of it. But basically the movie posses the question 'what form of theatre (or film) is more realistic comedy or drama?' and then plays out two similar stories involving Melinda (who is extremely beautiful. hot damn) Anyways, I recommend it to all Woody lovers, and it might be just the movie to bring the Woody haters over to the dark side. or at least the neurotic side.

p.s. thanks so much to all seamonsters and others who made my first annual new years eve james brown dance party such a success. and I forgive Tommy for knocking all those drinks over with my sombraro.

love, JB


Tmoore said...

hey JB, where is that showing? or is on Betamax? I HAD SO MUCH FUN at your place this weekend, best New years ever.

the le duo said...

'Melinda Melinda' is at finer dvd and video rental stores everywhere. 'Annie Hall' with a Grateful Dead soundtrack is only in my mind (for now)