Saturday, January 07, 2006

sat afternoon

I agree with Tanners assessment of last nights show: it went very well and was beyond fun and Brian + Marnie were awesome.

What I did this morning

woke up to find my old friend Yanni on the couch
put our names in at penny cluse
walked over to fye @ the mall
bought Dicks Picks 20 in part w/ my 10$ gift card (spike you cheap bastard)
walked back to the 'cluse
we both ordered the same meal (I think the waitress thought I was the big-bear-butch to Yannis bitch)
walked to Radio Bean bought a ticket to the puppopera
put in the first disc of DP's, napped
awoke, blogged
about to put in 'Shine'

Well, I'll see some of you tonight at the puppopera, others at the synagogue after!

love, JB

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