Thursday, January 12, 2006


O Mecca Mecca Mecca, what the fuck? Being trampled to death while trying to have your sins absolved? Man that don't seem right. And speaking of sins, remember the Menendez brothers? They had a one two punch, patricide AND matricide. There must be a word for that. Anyway, the bride of one of the M. bros (yep, married in prison) was on Larry King Live tonight. She looks like Emmylou Harris.

So after work I went to the studio after going to UPS to pick up a package (and don't get me started...I pay for delivery and then the fucks try my door three days in a row at 1 o'clock pm, and then when I'm not there because I work they make me go and pick my package up? Bastardos!) And Todd Ben & I do some major re-aranging and now the studio looks great and the feng shui made my heart tingle.

Kyle and I are waiting for Marnie to show up so we can finally practice The Le duo for real and rock & Rock. see ya!


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Tmoore said...

Way to rock the studio clean man, can't wait to get in there are see how it's all looking.