Monday, January 23, 2006

Blind Carpenter

I saw a great little old-timey band last night, Hammer and Saw. They had great stage presence and kept the audience laughing all night. And even though they screwed up my joke (DROPPED his hammer and saw!) they did give me credit and that made me feel good. The girls next door circa 1910.

The only draw back was how packed Radio Bean was. If there had been a fire a ‘Great White’ style catastrophe might have ensued. And that ‘Great White Catastrophe’ would have been JB barreling out the door, scattering hippies’ beards and yuppies’ scarves hither and thither.

Saturday night I realized I’d rather stay (relatively) sober and give a friend a ride home that get shit wasted. Maybe I am an adult!



Tmoore said...

lol! (that means, i'm Laughing, out Loud.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again JB! Sorry for screwing up your joke--we'll get it right next time. Can we use "The girls next door circa 1910" as our marketing slogan? It's a good one.

But hey, are you implying that we appeal to only hippies and yuppies? cause maybe we need to work on our image to appeal to more punks, hipsters, and mormons?...

the le duo said...

nope, but I was saying that (hippies yuppies) is who was blocking my exit strategy


Tmoore said...

you mispelled morons emily.

greg davis said...

i think i smell beard smoke.