Saturday, January 21, 2006

mmm mmm good

Well Tanner you missed some shit last night. Kyle and Marnie got into it about sex (me blushing) and it ended up with Kyle exposing himself to everyone and Marn talkin dirty-like about this guy she dated in Belize. I got a great pic (wish I could post it) of Kyle and Marnie watching porn on the computer. So fucking funny.

Man. myspace sucks. I have a friend with an account, and I keep trying to search for her (cooknkitch) and I cant find her. I know shes on there, what the fuck?! I'll be damned.

I saw Aaron (DJ Blase) Hornblas and Ryan Power out last night, and they were both excited about the show on the 16th (Ryan Power Quartet, The Cripples, Nest Material) I think hope it will be really fun + crazy + good and will finally shake the metognome curse off our backs.

I kinda fell off the veggie wagon today after 14 months of pretty strict non-meatiness. I blame being hung over and Yanni with his super delicious steak cheese onion mushroom sandwiches. And hearty cream of tomato soup. boy was it awesome. really hit the spot. And I don't feel bad like I was letting myself and PETA down.

So I hope to see most everyone at the Sinny party tonight. lots of fun loads of fun



Anonymous said...

Is this your 'cooknkitch'?

Anonymous said...

you take good care of your friends. thank you. see you at hammer and saw tonight? i don't know if ben is ever going to leave the house again. kidding. sort of.
word, bird.