Saturday, January 28, 2006

saturday in the park

friday at work I needed a little pick-me-up so I put in miles davis' live/evil. now I hadn't listened to this cd for awhile and I was blown away by jack deJohnette. my god is he awesome. his drum sound is so big and live and in your face it kills me. about ten minutes in to 'what I say' he opens up a drum solo that will, unless you are dead on the inside, change your life. you will finally have proof that there is a god in heaven. its like a lightning bolt to the balls. I saw deJohnette last year at the flynn playing with a latin jazz group. it was great and all, but he didn't play like bitches brew era stuff and I guess I was a little disappointed.

my parents divorce is final now after 4 years of separation. my dad just re-wrote his will/living will/power of attorney and asked me and my older brother Gordie (gord-bob) if we'd be executors and all that. we agreed so my dad took us out to dinner at franklin countys favorite restaurant, the abbey. I mean they have a salad bar AND appetizers! it was pretty good in a redneck kinda way. we got to talkin about bill o'reily and the recent sex offender thing here (fry em all was the consensus) and movies. before I thought to hold my tongue I told everyone that I just saw 'brokeback mountain' my sister in law chrissy said (no kidding) 'I'm sorry' and gordie gave me a look as to say 'you still like girls, right?' I shot right back with my trusty 'I do and someday i'd like to have sex with one again' look. how long do you have to go before being considered a virgin again? I must be almost there.

anyway it was kinda morbid and sad and interesting going through my dads will- 'its all pretty basic unless I die before spike turn 18' thats only six months from now, dont talk like that for christ's sake! my dad seemed really concerned that we get some kind of inheritance. it was really sweet and at one point he got a little choked up I think. who cares about money? this is my dad.

well I made soup and i'm going to fry up some tofu (thanks michelle!) and danger mike and fast eddie and ky-ky and I will eat like kings before going to see the night birds in winooski.

love, jB


Anonymous said...

dude. power of attorney is no bullshit. yer dad meant it JB. Dont try and wipe it off all on the sly hipster-like. That shit is for real. Nothin there to be ashamed on.

greg davis said...

have you heard the complete jack johnson sessions box set by miles?
man its totally killin. dejohnette is ridiculous on it.
so is mclaughlin. its like one super group mind/body playing. ill have to burn it for you (shit i think i say that alot to you -- well i will eventually, i promise)

the le duo said...

cool man, cool

wipe what now with a hipster huh?

thats the most open and emotional i've ever been about my dad- dont try to take that away from me


Animal Parade said...

Dude, I've got power of attorney, too, with my brother and sister. We all have special jobs. I get to open the safety deposit box. We had a whole day a couple of years ago where my dad walked up through the whole process and then took us out to pizza. It was pretty morbid.

Animal Parade said...

Oh and happy lunar new year, everyone!!

Tmoore said...

JB this weekend was the weekend of Dad love at the Abbey. (that sounds funny.) Glad to hear you guys had a few moments, it's not easy for that sort of interaction from where we come from, more so imagine for you're family, all boys and no women (cept' tina) to soften you up; i'm glad you guys put it out there.