Thursday, January 26, 2006

50th post!!

where is a good place in town to get a haircut? or, does anyone want to cut my hair? I just want it shorter than it is now and not totally ridiculous looking.

also, I have a shit ton of tofu in my fridge, any suggestions?

-how do you make a tofu scram?
-tell it to fuck off.



Animal Parade said...

Angela and Michelle are known to cut hair. I get mine cut at Bella Tu by Gabby from The Cush.

As far as tons of tofu goes, I have some ideas. Here's my favorite kind of tofu. It's called "Mandy's Pizza Tofu" because it tastes like pizza. Just take some tofu and cut it up, then put it in a bowl with lots of garlic, thyme, oregano, basil and parsley, using any fresh herbs you've got, plus black pepper and soy sauce and olive oil. Then stir it up and wait. Then lay the tofu on a baking sheet and put it in a hot oven, like 425. Then cook it for a while, flip it and cook it again. Then take it out and munch it. Delicious like pizza.

Anonymous said...

yum, pizza tofu sounds good!

mike made this really yummy fried tofu the last time i was in ann arbor (i think he got the idea from angela):
cut it up into 3-d rectangles, marinate for a little bit in some soy sauce and basil (he just used dried), then dip in egg, then roll in breadcrumbs, and pan-fry it in canola oil or vegetable oil or something. you could put other stuff in the marinade (and breadcrumbs) if you wanted. then he served it with collard greens and mashed potatoes. so good! and good left over too.

and i'm really only good at cutting my own hair; with everyone else i'm too timid and end up not really doing much.


greg davis said...

that reminds of the time that i made beer battered deep fried tempeh strips. wow, that was good.

maybe ill make that for the next potluck.

Tmoore said...

that does sound good, beer battered, i don't know what tempeh is, but i do like satan, or however it's spelled; jb i'll cut your hair, i've been watching "live forever: the rise and fall of brit pop" for like two days straight, and i have a few ideas i'd like to try out...

the le duo said...

tanner i;ve witnessed your 'shock and awe' hair cutting technique and i'm all set with that

angela said...

i need a haircut too. maybe we could get a little circle going and all cut each others hair. sounds a little scandalous now that i'm thinking of the logistics...yeah i make a pretty awesome fried tofu. for the recipe go to my lame ass blog, archives "recipe revision". it involves mustard and nutritional yeast. real good stuff. back to the haircuts, you'd look good with a brit pop shag cut, jb. if you want to go professional, you should see gabby like mandy mentioned. i really only cut ben's hair and half the time he hates it even though i'm giving him the haircut he describes to me. picky. oooh, shave your head!

the le duo said...

angela, i dont need a shaved head. i already look enough like a circa 1983 professional wrestler

Anonymous said...

should we have a haircutting circle on Friday after the cluse?
I'd be in!