Friday, January 06, 2006

NM rant

Lately I’ve been the negative-Nancy-bitchy one at NM practice. I always get bitchier at the beginning of the year anyway, its like ‘another year of this shit?’ but I digress. Mixed signals abound- you’re playing too much, you’re not playing enough- one day its all ‘the music sounds like shit lets never play out again’ and the next its ‘don’t worry about the music lets wear robes and light candles and meditate’ for what seems like endless amounts of time in front of a live audience. I guess no one understands how fat and foolish I feel on stage normally, the idea of wearing costumes or anything gimmicky that draws attention away from the music and puts it on me is unbearable. But I don’t mean to poo poo anyones ideas, and I know I get pissy fast, especially with Tanner. The only way I feel comfortable on stage is to let the music do the talkin, not robes or bear-heads or whatever.

If it sounds like shit it sounds like shit. Remember the old NM? It was ‘just bring it’ and see what happens. Sure sometimes it didn’t work, but we weren’t setting ourselves up for disappointment by EXPECTING anything. As long as some people enjoy our stuff, or at least understand what we’re working towards, nothing else should matter.

But I’m sure these next two show are gonna be great. Brian alone has enough unmph to bring the rock on his horn. And I’m looking forward to re-regrouping for a few weeks/months and then making our triumphant return, perhaps a show at the studio? I’ll see ya all tonight,



Anonymous said...

Music do the talking...? Maybe you guys should learn how to play music, suckas!

Tmoore said...

Hey JB, i totally understand your reasoning, but i also have to disagree about it, ex. SUN RA. come on, they're all about looking like weirdos, and it works, the fact is, when you're on stage, your not just performing for peoples ears, your performing for their eyes as well, all their senses really, and while i agree that the music is #1, there really can be no harm in spicing things up with something visual. I hate being on stage, i'm so self conscious as well, but i guess i just figure that people are going to be watching me no matter what i'm doing, so if i can have some fun, put on a bit of a show or help create some atmosphere to go along with the music, than i'll do it. even if at first it is a little embarassing, but for me, whats most embarassing is just half assing a show, and half assing is not just playing poorly, but performing poorly, which involves more than just how we sound, but how we come off on a whole to the audience. that's why i think on occasion it'd be fun to dress up in robes, or burn candles, it might even help us get in the mood more as well, i also read someplace that psychologically speaking, people since the beginning of culture have changed into different clothes for different rituals and habits, in order for their minds to fully realize that this event, whatever it was was not an everyday occurance and needed to be reguarded and concidered differently. now i'm rambling.i'm at work, and there's no one here. either way, see you tonight, we'll rock the shit.

Tmoore said...

Who's the chickenshit that wrote that and didn't have the nard to sign his/her name i wonder?

the le duo said...

#1. that was probably the rocque
#2. I get your point, but Sun Ra was a bad example. He was the main weirdo and dressed outlandish and made his backing band do the same. plus the acid musta flowed like wine there, no?

but its just something i have to get over... i just dont want to end up like the red hot chili peppers with big light bulbs on our heads and socks on cocks

Anonymous said...

No it wasn't me. I would just say that you guys should learn to play your instruments, I have no high aspirations that you'll play good music. If I wanted to hear good music, I'd go to church on Sundays to listen to the choir sing.

P.S. I don't care what you guys wear or don't wear.