Sunday, January 29, 2006


Spent most of the day yesterday with my good friend Eboni. She lived in Burlington and worked at JPs pub until recently when she moved back to New York to pursue her acting dreams. She actually was an actor in the old days and made a pilot for Nickleodian which I guess wasn't picked up. Anyway, we had a mediocre expensive lunch at Sweetwaters and just caught up and chatted and laughed. We walked around town and Brought Kyle his ipod charger at the Ski Rack. Then we parted ways- we'll meet up later at the Monkey bar.

I went home and made some soup. This is only the second time I've ever tried to make soup, and I think it came out pretty good (the first one did too) there was black beans and kidney beans, cheese tortellini pasta, carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic and just a hint of TLC. I fried up some tofu using Michelles suggestion from an earlier post. All in all it was great and we pretty much wiped it out.

Nows a good time for me to say, I've been on the wagon for a week now and feel pretty damn good. Last night was the big test, hanging out in a bar with my friends all night. But it went great and I didn't drink or even want to.
The first band that went on wasn't really for me. Lets just say, an acoustic guitar with a guy playing the turntables while wearing a fez and rapping isn't really my style. The second band was a bluegrass band, although they sounded old timey to me, no flashy fast playing, kinda like hammer and saw. The mandolin player was freakin incredible. Plus they played a dead tune 'me and my uncle' so I was happy.

At about 12.30 Kyles band FINALLY went on. Tanner said they looked like Ryan Adams and sounded like The Sadies. I thought they were quite good and Kyles bass lines fit in nicely even though he's only been playing with them for a few weeks and this isn't really his style. It was a great performance, and except for some gnarly noises from his bass amp, I think Kyle was happy with the way things turned out. I was.

So tonight I'm gonna go to Michelles for dinner with some vanilla ice cream and a big 'ol smile. I'll see you there!


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Tmoore said...

i'll see you there as well; Kyle did a great job playing bass; i enjoy sort of soft slow moving alt-country; but it takes alot to keep that sort of sound from getting boring; i think kyle's basslines saved a couple songs - all in all, i was impressed by the nightbirds, all references aside; they have a really nice sounds that with a little development could really be something for this town; BJ has a great voice and definatly rock the "front man" poise. nuff said.